Privacy policy

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council as of April 27, 2016, on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (hereinafter: the Regulation).


Cookies are small files that are saved on your computer when you surf a website. Various data such as your personal data, name, surname, e-mail address, and passwords are stored there.

Later, when you visit a certain web page again, your internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to that web page and so enables you to use the web page with more ease. For example, cookies can save your registration information so that you don’t have to re-enter your username and password every time you visit a website.


In order to improve our service and the proper function of our site, we use these Cookies which store a small amount of information on your computer. By using this website, you agree to the use of Cookies, but by blocking them you will still be able to browse the site.


This website uses the third-party service Google Analytics, which is used to track visitors on our site. Using this service, the use of the website is analyzed, and data is collected on information such as visits, use of certain pages, applications, after which reports are made based on the collected data in order to improve the website itself and to make it more user friendly. The Google service, Google Analytics, shortens your IP address in the member states of the European Union, and this IP address is used exclusively to monitor visits and habits on our website. This service is not connected with other data pertaining to Google. If you wish, you can refuse this data collection and storage by visiting this link and downloading the deactivation.


We process your personal data in accordance with the Regulation.

With these privacy rules, we provide you with information on what personal data we collect, how we process the data, what rights you have in relation to the processing and protection of your personal data, and how you can exercise these rights.

We process and use your personal data legally, fairly and transparently, while protecting the security of your personal data from unauthorized or illegal processing.

This privacy policy applies to every person who uses the services of Nikola Božić, owner of NIZ service business (hereinafter: NIZ service business), as well as to all other persons who are participants in certain direct or indirect business relationships with NIZ service business or are in any way connected or will be connected with the same.


The manager of the processing of your personal data is Nikola Božić, owner of NIZ service business, OIB: 07583292420 from Krk, Vlade Tomašića 22A, whose trade is registered in the trade register under registration number MBO: 98396366.


NIZ service business processes your personal data for the purposes specified in point 4. of this General Information.


Regarding all questions regarding the processing of your personal data and/or exercising the rights provided for in the Regulation, you can contact the following contact address:


We receive information about your personal data from you as a user of our services.
If we receive information about your data from another source, you will be notified of this in the manner and within the deadlines specified in the Regulation.
We process certain personal data that you have given us in order to perform the agreed work effectively and in accordance with the contract.


We also receive certain data during your payment (non-cash transaction), data resulting from web services, etc.


We collect your personal data in different ways, most often when concluding the Contract and whilst visiting our website and Facebook profile. 


In addition to the statements above, we collect personal data only when you make it available to us yourself (e.g. by sending an email when you contact us for an inquiry).

The types of personal data that we can collect are the first and last name, OIB, postal address, e-mail address, mobile phone number or landline phone number, residential address, proof of real estate ownership, your inquiries, comments and experiences with our services, and photos.


We use your data only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. In consideration of the statement above, such a purpose can be:

  • sending notifications about services performed
  • sending notifications about news, promotions and special offers via the contact you have given us (e-mail, mail, mobile phone)
  • transaction process and creation of R1 invoice
  • identity verification
  • communicating and responding to inquiries and comments
  • use of cookies on our website and Facebook profile


We do not transfer your personal data that we have collected to third parties, except for:

  • if, with your permission, we entrusted the work or part of the work to our associates, contractual partners such as a company that helps us maintain the website, companies that provide e-mail marketing or SMS marketing services, companies that process credit card payments;
  • state bodies or other legal and natural persons when there is a legal obligation
  • if you have otherwise consented to it or instructed us to share your data with third parties

In cases where we entrust tasks related to data processing to third parties, we take care that this third party is registered to perform such activities and that it provides sufficient guarantees regarding the protection and confidentiality of data.


We process the data entrusted to us with special care and responsibility. We use all data of our users in a legal, fair and transparent manner.

We keep personal data for as long as is necessary for regular business operations and in accordance with legal regulations.


We reserve the right to delete from our records all data provided to us that we find out or judge to be incorrect.


At any time, you can exercise the right to object to the use of your personal data and the right to access your personal data, i.e. the right to receive confirmation from us as to whether your personal data is being processed and the right to a copy of the same.


Your personal right is to demand at any time, without explanation or consequences, that the NIZ service business completes, corrects, limits the use or stops using and deletes your personal data.


The deletion of personal data does not affect the legality of the processing that took place until that moment.


If you want to submit a complaint or want us to stop using your data for certain purposes or completely, you can always do so by sending a complaint or a request to unsubscribe to the e-mail address


Immediately after the complaint, the administrator or service provider must suspend the processing of personal data until it proves that there is a justified suspicion that caused the processing of personal data.


To disable the cookies that we collect when you browse our website, adjust your settings in your Internet browser.


If you believe that your personal data is being collected or used in a way contrary to the applicable regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data, Martićeva ulica 14, 10 000 Zagreb.


All questions related to these privacy rules are governed by Croatian law. These rules take effect on June 1, 2022. Information on the processing of personal data is available on our website.